For years, a multinational giant in the medical device industry struggled to find the right translation partner for their complex medical localisation needs. Hopping from one agency to the next, they faced endless hurdles in achieving reliable, high-quality translations across their vast product range.

A Medical Translation Nightmare

 The issues that they came up with time and again were…

  • Inconsistent quality with each new supplier
  • Disputes over pricing with hidden fees 
  • Repeatedly providing terminology and references
  • Poor quality control allowing errors
  • Lack of relationship continuity  

Valuable time and resources were perpetually drained by the never-ending agency churn. Global branches cried out in frustration over having to restart the process repeatedly. The company’s polished corporate image was becoming fractured across languages.

The Cure: A Specialist Medical Translation Agency

Then they partnered with Omnilingua. As an experienced specialist in medical translation and localisation, we provided the consistent, high-quality medical localisation they desperately needed through:

  • Rigorously vetted in-country linguistic experts
  • A dedicated point person intimately familiar with their needs
  • Transparent, volume-based pricing
  • Meticulous quality assurance 
  • Comprehensive translation memory and glossary databases

Our specialist solution delivered seamless medical translation management and control. The medical device company could finally focus on core business activities while achieving flawless multilingual content every time.

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Case Study Specialist Medical Translation Agency