Welcome to our latest Newsletter for autumn.

This issue covers covers such subjects as the latest developments with AI and translation, as well as a preview of the upcoming Medica trade fair and conference in Germany.

AI and translation

It is clear that AI (artificial intelligence) has developed strongly in the translation sector in recent years. So what is the impact of AI on the translation industry? What are the pros & cons of this technology?

Translators and translation agencies have been using translation software such as computer-assisted translation (CAT) for many years in their profession.

Machine translation started with Google Translate, which marked the beginning of AI for translation. However, it seemed that this method had considerable limitations: the translation was literal and contained numerous language errors…..

Medica 2023

In the halls of MEDICA, you can not only explore the five Spheres MED TECH & DEVICES, DIGITAL HEALTH, LAB & DIAGNOSTICS, PHYSIO TECH and DISPOSABLES. Also discover supporting program with forums, conferences, and special shows!….

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