With this COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing amazing acts of kindness and co-operation at all levels.

The medical device industry has been very agile in responding to the pandemic, Pat Shafer MD of Grant Thornton Healthcare says. “Most manufacturing has not had any production stoppages, and factories are still open, and many have sufficient supplies on hand.”

In the UK two of our clients, Penlon and Smiths, are joining forces with non-medical manufacturers such as Airbus & McLaren to make more ventilators.

Burberry is already making PPE along with other textile manufacturers in a rapidly formed consortium.

As regards testing and vaccine research companies all over the world are pooling resources such as GSK & Sanofi. So quickly vaccine testing in humans has started in China & the US and due to start tomorrow in the UK by Oxford University.

As a specialist medical translation company we are doing our part by providing Covid-19 related translations.

It is awe inspiring and heartening in such extreme times.

Keep safe.

Mike Waplington BAHons MIL


Omnilingua Limited