Case Studies

Over a number of years a large multinational firm had changed from one translation agency to another in a search for higher quality, and consistent, reliable translation work.

  • The constant search for new agencies was wasting valuable management time at the company.
  • The use of different translators resulted in an inconsistency of translation quality across the product range.
  • Disputes over pricing arose due to the variations of pricing methods used by different translation agencies, some of which had unseen ‘add-on’ costs after completion of the translation work.
  • Local branches of the company were complaining that they were tired of having to supply terminology details and other reference material to every new translator. Complaints also arose due to inadequate proofing procedures.
  • A change in translation suppliers had prevented a relationship from developing between project managers in the company and in the agencies.
  • The client’s inexperience with multilingual print management had led to exorbitant print cost

Changing to Omnilingua Limited brought the company:

  • improved control and management of translation projects.
  • net savings on administration costs.
  • with use of the latest language technology a guarantee of high quality, specialist translations including thorough checking procedures.
  • a key contact person at Omnilingua who was familiar with the company, its quality criteria, its products and its translation needs.
  • a clearer outline of the total costs of translation work.
  • volume price discounts over the medium and long term.
  • a corporate image that was maintained across the product range.
  • Typesetting and print management advice, changing their client’s printing method, leading to a 40% reduction in print costs.