Social Media

Over the last few years, social media and social networking have completely change the way people use the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and corporate blogs have become an integral part of companies’ marketing mix. In fact, even if the commercial benefits of social media are difficult to quantify, social media have a crucial role in establishing networks and communities and in permitting organizations to raise awareness and reach out to their stakeholders and potential customers all over the world. Even if your organization doesn’t have a proactive social media presence, you still need to monitor the web for contents related to your company, your brand and your industry.

A way of ensuring the success of your social media strategy is to exploit the communication capabilities of instruments like Twitter, Linkedin and blogs for spreading messages related not only to your company and products, but also to your field in general. By regularly updating  your social media accounts with news and tips, even not directly related to your organization, but that may be of interest for your followers, you engage them and keep them involved and loyal.

A drawback of social media is that, if you want to reach a multilingual and multicultural public, there is the need to translate a large amount of information in several languages. The cost connected to translating a continuous flow of contents is considerable, but there are ways for keeping expenditures under control by at the same time reaching the goal of communicating to a multilingual audience: these solutions are Machine Translation (MT) and crowdsourcing. While the former foresees the use of translation softwares for authomatically translate texts, the latter implies the help of an high number of users to translate text strings. These “volunteer translators” submit their entries and vote for the best version, that will then be used by the company. Both these methods cut costs, but they may deliver poor quality translations. It is therefore fundamental to entrust post-editing and reviewing to an experience translator to ensure that quality standards are met and the right message is delivered to the audience.

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