Google Translate Is Getting More Accurate: The End Of The Technical Translation Profession?

Google Translate is getting better all the time but does this spell the end for technical translators?

Google Translates

You can picture the scenario. A UK manufacturing business needs a technical translation done urgently for a customer quote into Arabic. The call goes out around the office:

“Does anyone know Arabic?”

“No, but how about Google?”

The content is then pasted into Google Translate and text in Arabic is instantly returned.

As no one knows how to read Arabic in the business, the team has no idea if the content is right from a native sounding point of view.

The team posts the Arabic text into their document – which causes its own issues because of re-formatting – and it is sent to their customer. All that can be done now is to hope that the translation is correct.

Google now translates full sentences at a time, instead of pieces of a sentence. The company is becoming cleverer at understanding what content is about.

Does this mean that Google could start putting technical translators out of a job? I don’t believe so. The reason is that you will never be able to replace human translation, especially with rich languages such as Arabic. Languages and tone of voice need to adapt to each situation and audience – humans are good at this, machines are not.

Sure we use translation tools at Omnilingua – although ours are more sophisticated than Google Translates. The reason is that we find the software helps keep accuracy, speeds up the process and reduces translation costs for customers. But we don’t only solely rely on software. In fact, we always send text – after being automatically translated – through to our specialist team of native speakers for cross-checking.

Using software as well as humans, also means that we can produce work in most of the common word processing/Desktop publishing packages currently available such as Quark, Framemaker and Pagemaker. By doing this, we can keep translations in the same format as the original documents which saves lots of time with re-formatting issues.

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I would also be happy to show you a quick video of how our translation software works. I am sure you will be impressed.

Mike Waplington
Commercial Manager

Omnilingua Ltd


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