What Advice Would You Give To New Technical Authors?

Becoming a technical author/communicator can be a very rewarding career. Many types of businesses and organisations need technical writing services.

Here are our thoughts for those wanting to enter the profession.

Steep Learning Curve

There is always a lot to take in at first such as learning client names and how new software packages work. Don’t feel afraid to ask! Everyone makes mistakes and people learn from their mistakes.

Read as much as you can about the subjects and ask questions. There are lots of webinars and blogs out there.

Not Always To Do With Writing

Technical communicating is not just about the writing. There’s also a lot of time planning content and getting the information needed before writing something.

Verbal Skills

Sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone then send an email. If you can’t see the person, taking a screen shot can help explain a problem.

Double Check Your Work

It’s easy to get too close to content sometimes. If time, leave your work until the next day or ask a colleague to check through it.

Documentation Seen As Part Of Products

Documentation is increasingly seen as part of the development of products. Years ago, documentation was treated more like an add-on.

Technical authors/communicators are now being included as part of the initial product development process. Without documentation, products these are days are unlikely to do well.

There should, therefore, always be a demand for your skills.

Formal Training

If you’re looking for a career in technical communication, you might want to consider a formal training course.

What tips you would you pass onto those wanting to enter the technical writing/communicator or similar related fields?

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