Omnilingua Medical Translation services

What Omnilingua bring to the translation process:

  • Rigorous translator selection and client feedback procedures which match the right translator to the right translation task.
  • Accurate translations produced within the linguistic, technical and cultural conventions of the local market.
  • A single point of contact project manager to handle all the stages of an order, and all subsequent orders from your Marketing or Technical departments.
  • Competitive pricing based on the amount of words in the language into which text is translated, source and target language combination, the technical content, production time-scales and the final document format.
  • Use of the latest language technology, where appropriate, ensuring consistency of terminology and style and cost-effective updates.
  • Leading-edge publishing technology, using most of the common desktop publishing packages currently available. For more complex layout work we use proven experts in foreign language DTP typesetting.
  • Thorough and established checking procedures.
  • The reassurance that all your multilingual production needs, such as translation, desktop publishing and printing are supplied on time, within budget and to the required quality standard.